Intrepid Adventures in Blogging

Gird your loins

Prepare your noses

Why am I like this

I decided that Tumblr was highly impractical when it comes to trying to easily sort and tag accessible categories of different sorts of posts, so I’ve migrated to WordPress to test it out…. for anyone that has been reading/would like to read my Grey rants, you can find those here – expect to see more frequent updates (It feels like I’ve done a running commentary on a lot more than just 7 chapters but alas. It has only been 7 tedious, arduous chapters….) from now on!

Seeing as I have a lot of free time on my hands at present, I will also be writing book reviews, doing movie discussions, airing various mental health views (especially going in-depth on some of the articles I’ve written/will be writing for Headstuff) and discussing anything and everything that comes to my mind to start writing about. And, if you’re still with me after all that, I will be writing about writing itself! (Seriously, I have a To Do list full of stuff I want to write about)

So, to my limited current readers – Hello, I’m over here now!

And to everyone else  – Welcome to the world of my weird little rambles. I apologise profusely in advance.


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