Pointless Questions and a Rambling Plea

Hello friends, readers, curious minds – just a quick rambling note to say hello and ask a few things of you all. I’ve had pretty good feedback in the last while on some of the topics I’m written about. I am wondering, is there anything in particular that anyone would like to read about? Any specific mental health issue or feminist issue that you’ve been wondering about, any particular book or film or TV show you’d like my take on? I’m aware I have about 5 regular readers (And I love you all very much for taking time out of your days to sit here and read the things I babble on about). Is there anything you’d REALLY like to read about though? I can make it happen. (probably)

I’m going to continue slowly, very slowly with the Grey chapters, simply because I really enjoy the rambling dissections of each chapter as I get through the book. Perhaps it is mean of me to do what I’m doing, but I find that it is not only entertaining, but that it also helps me understand what aspects of writing work, and what do not.

A further question – or request, if you will. It’s more of a beg than anything. In a moment of madness, I decided it would be a GENIUS idea to enter the GOSH Girl 2016 competition. In order to get to the final, the 18 girls with the most votes are entered into that, and the judges choose two wildcards, bringing the total to 20. The competition runs all of December. I have 67 votes so far. Some girls have nearly 2000. You can see my predicament. In order to save myself the embarrassment of not having at least TRIED to get more votes, I implore you, dear reader/friend/curious mind: please click here to vote for me. Takes 0.2 seconds (literally; no signups or anything involved) and if you could share the link when you’re done that would also be wonderful. Turns out a person can vote once a day so there’s that…. (pls.)

And finally, I am compiling a list of books to read and films to watch over Christmas, and wanted to be hit with recommendations! I am just about to start Holly Bourne’s Am I Normal Yet? (review definitely pending from what I’ve heard about it) and I’m halfway through an essay-review on Louise O’Neill’s Only Ever Yours. I love films that have absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, if that helps. Any suggestions are totally welcome!

EDIT: And of course, if anyone has any great blogs they’d recommend, hit me with them!

I’ll be back super soon with more rambling nonsense. You know I will. I may be erratic, but I will always deliver on nonsense.


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