Been a little while…(*Mindless Rambling*)

Hello to any of my current readers – it’s been a little while since I’ve written anything, and that’s because I’ve been getting my life in order! As an unofficial NY resolution, I’ve promised myself that I will try things that I may have otherwise procrastinated on doing. If I see something of interest to enter or volunteer for – I’m doing it. If I see a writing competition, or a volunteering slot reviewing books; something, anything and everything that I have space and time to participate in doing, I’m doing it. So far it’s working out quite well.

One of the things I entered became a Big Thing that involved staying up all night completing my NaNoWriMo novel, begging other people to speed-read said NaNo novel, and finally submitting it before collapsing into a pile of matted hair and sleep-deprived wonder. Little things that become Big Things pay off.

So that’s my unofficial resolution. Be more impulsive, if only for the opportunities that may arise. Impulsivity has had somewhat of a negative connotation when it comes to me, in relation to spending et cetera, but I’ve decided that something good can come of it if I apply it in the right places. I’m out of college this year and want to make the most of my recovery time. I’m even going to start revising the past two years’ worth of Psychology degree so that I’m on an even keel when I get back to studying (Thank you C for all the psych books). I have also set myself a 100 books in 2016 challenge – so far I’ve read three, so we’ll see how this year pans out. I fall in and out of love with reading every so often, particularly when I’m exceptionally busy with work/college, and so I’ve decided to try never let that happen again. As it stands, I have a full TBR shelf and I’m 20 pages into Catherine Doyle’s Vendetta.

Aside from that, I have a number of articles and pieces of interest in the works – a piece on OCD in YA, talking about female-represented sex in YA, going to get round to that piece on feminism and Harry Potter, returning to my segment on mental health in PLL. Aaaand maybe return to writing a chapter or two of my Grey serial rant. Not to mention the Headstuff article ideas I have in the works.

And breathe. 

The main purpose of A Series of Erraticism was to always give myself something to look forward to doing. While I enjoy writing and love the idea of an extended readership, just seeing every day that even one person has dipped in to read something on my blog is really nice. I write for me, and say the things that I think about and want to say. If people like what I have to say – then great! And if not, that’s perfectly cool too.

TL;DR: I have lots of writing things coming soon. Sit tight, be excite!

Or don’t, because that was super lame



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