A Quick Update and Some Awesome News

Hello everyone!

Just a quick(ish) Easter update – while ya’ll are munching on Easter eggs, I am busy being this meme:

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Why, you may ask? Why are you an over-used meme of a dog sitting at a table surrounded by flames? How could you possible justify the use of an over-used, ancient dog meme?

Where. Do. I. Start?!

Firstly, I made a commitment this year to myself that I’d write blog posts more regularly, so every week I’ve been hacking away at at least one post (although there are 5 unfinished posts in my drafts as I type, not including this one) and trying to post every Sunday(ish)  which, chances are, you guys probably haven’t noticed – but have and that’s all that matters in the grand scheme of things*. I don’t get anything out of doing it apart from writing experience and practice in semi-critical analysis, but it’s nice to be consistent and I love the idea of having a constantly building portfolio of writing examples that are not necessarily creative writing.

(*this is a lie, your opinions and adoration matter to me very much. Love me. Please.)

Secondly, along with that commitment to writing blog posts, most of which are reviews, I set myself a 100-book reading challenge for the year. Current count has me on book 19 (Patrick Ness’s More Than This, if you were curious). I’m hoping to make a serious dent in my TBR pile before I start picking up more work hours coming up to the summer, but if anyone has any fab suggestions for me, don’t hesitate to let me know! I’m open to anything – I have a few classics on my TBR shelf (granted, some of those are modern classics and are being read for the purpose of an article I’m working on but I’m still reading them) and would be open to any particularly enthralling gems anyone can suggest. Reading might not seem like that great of a commitment, but the other day I spent the ENTIRE day reading How Hard Can Love Be? and The Art of Being Normal (reviews of both are going to happen, soon). It’s easy to fall out of love with reading, but it’s just as easy to be consumed in a fiery pit of book passion and be afraid to leave the house with less than three books just in case you finish two of them. I swear.

Just some of my TBR pile (though Plain Jane, Broken Sky and Crush have been read by now!)

In addition to all of this, I’ve expanded my involvement into different areas of Headstuff and got to co-interview someone really awesome last week – that should be up on the site in the next little while and I’m very excited to have had the opportunity to do so. It’s always incredibly interesting to get to speak to someone about their experiences working in a field you don’t know much about in great depth, and leave the interview feeling like you’ve really learned something. I’ll be writing for different sections in future and dipping in and out of different areas – but still primarily working on the Topical section. (and if you want to see my latest post, follow this link – I weigh in on the Adam Johnson case)

Image source


Not only that, I (rather accidentally, but still wonderfully) joined a writing group with some very lovely book club ladies, which is going to see me finally get to the end of my second draft edits (lets face it: without a support network, I probably would procrastinate doing it until the end of time). Plus, there’s something really lovely about sitting in companionable silence with other people who are all working to achieve a similar goal. It’s a bit like school, only nice and supportive, and you get to have coffee and use your laptop, and everyone is helpful and lovely….


Finally: NEWS! 

This is super exciting. Like, so super exciting. A few weeks ago I applied for an internship with Big Smoke Writing Factory ….. and got it!!!

party emoji dancing lady heart eyes heart eyes

I am super excited to be part of the team, and I’m going to be working on some pretty cool things over on the Big Smoke blog in the next while – so watch this space! I’m just getting into the swing of things at the moment, but I’m really excited about the potential my time with Big Smoke has to offer.

gif source

All this means that I am crazy busy, as sometimes my various commitments all land on the same day in the week and it messes up my sleep. Basically, if I bail on you or am unable to commit to meeting up or doing anything with you – the above is why. At some point I will figure out how to douse the fire and how to sleep like a normal human being, but for the most part I’m just delighted to have a lot of incredibly fulfilling things going on at the moment. I took a year out of college initially because I needed it – I’m really using the time to my advantage. Please bear with me and don’t hesitate to badger me to meet up with you for coffee or lunch or dinner or whatever I’ve promised you I’d do because I am literally useless at the moment if it doesn’t pertain to any of the above or my actual, paying job.

New book review will be up during the week – I also want to try a new monthly segment which should be up in the next couple of weeks. If I don’t burn out by then. Which hopefully I won’t, as I want to write about finding time to relax (oh, the irony). As always, if you have post suggestions, requests or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know either in the comments, @ me on Twitter or badger me on Facebook.

Happy Easter!


Courtney x



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