‘Elsa? Do you want a Disney girlfriend?’

A few days ago I saw THIS post, showing the best Disney movie suggestion I’ve seen in a long time that wasn’t a second Big Hero 6.  : That Disney #GiveElsaAGirlfriend. The suggestion was that Elsa become the first LGBT Disney Princess in the upcoming sequel to Frozen. I cannot express how immediately excited I was by this idea. I assume at this point that everyone has seen Frozen and knows the story of Elsa’s struggle to accept herself for who she really is. I also assume that at this point everyone knows the general structure of a Disney princess film is Girl lives in castle/tower/in a village, meets handsome prince/eligible bachelor, encounters Adversity (whether that’s in the castle/tower/village, or following the meeting of handsome prince/eligible bachelor), overcomes Adversity, and then goes on to live happily ever after, all in a run time of approximately 90 minutes. This structure has, of course, been challenged by films such as Brave and Frozen, particularly in the case of Frozen  where it is not the main character who meets the handsome prince/eligible bachelor, but rather her sister. No, Elsa remains single at the end of the film after learning to love herself.

Elsa don’t need no man to tell her how to love herself. She figures it out with the help of her family.

So why, then, are people hating on the idea of now-well-adjusted, self-accepting Elsa having a girlfriend?



I’ll give you two guesses. You won’t need them. But I’ll let you have two anyway, just because I am sometimes nice. Unsurprisingly, people are unashamedly homophobic, but are able to brilliantly (read, stupidly and thinly) mask their bigotry by decrying ‘THINK OF THE CHILDREN!’. Some of the genius comments under this article suggest that little kids don’t need to be worrying about ‘adult issues’. Cause, you know yourself. Normalising a girl having a girlfriend is unthinkable, but won’t someone think of all those poor little girls who will never marry a handsome prince, or live in a castle, or be flawlessly drawn by an artist and become a character in a high-grossing animated film? Why don’t we just stop making films in case kids think it’s normal to be a member of a royal family, or believe that animals can talk? THINK OF THE CHILDREN, you guys. THINK. OF. THE. CHILDREN.

The opposing side is an interesting reflection on how people view LGBT people, though. The suggestion that Elsa having a girlfriend is an ‘adult issue’ reflects a deeply-rooted concept that LGBT relationships are somehow sordidly sexual, or overtly x-rated, and should come with pornographic warnings. It’s true that it hasn’t been that many years (just 13 years, in fact) since Coronation Street (yes, I watch soaps, don’t @ me, I am unashamed) aired their first gay kiss, and I distinctly remember a parental guidance warning being issued before the episode aired as it ‘contained scenes that may be unsuitable for young children’. People love to wax lyrical about PC gone mad, but back then warning people of a kiss between a same-sex couple (and this wasn’t even a same-sex couple, as Nick wasn’t gay and rebuffed Todd’s advances) would probably have been considered the norm, and was probably expected just in case anyone was offended. Yet today, we can’t warn anyone of actually offensive triggers because ‘people are just too sensitive’. It’s pretty funny, in a sad, not-so-funny way. I digress.

However, the past 13 years have seen a lot of change occur across the world in terms of views on LGBT people. Yes, there are still people who can’t consider a same-sex relationship to be anything other than sexual, and perhaps porn has a lot to answer for that in some regards, but in general we have become a lot more openly accepting. There are people who will still insist that the LGBT community as a whole has some sort of Gay Agenda and the theories on that are absolutely hilarious. If you have a Tumblr account and some time on your hands, please do delve in. but there are enough caring, compassionate and understanding people who can see that love is love.

A lesbian or bisexual or pansexual or anything-other-than-straight Disney character would be wonderful. It’d be a kids’ film, so any relationship will be dealt with in a child-friendly way. Elsa is not going to start grinding on some girl she meets in a nightclub and engage in a threesome with a crack-dealing pimp. She would most likely fall in love slowly, in the same way every other Disney princess falls in love with a guy. It would be done tactfully. Kids will be kids. Little boys will wear princess costumes if they want, little girls will marry imaginary princes or princesses if they want – it is not necessarily reflection on their own sexuality. It is a reflection of their understanding that hey, sometimes girls like girls. Sometimes girls love girls and boys, but that’s a Panic! at the Disco song and not entirely relevant. In a lot of ways I hate that I even felt compelled to write this in the first place, but it’s true that Disney are at the helm of a franchise that can and should be representing their audience as best as possible. If anything, Elsa having a girlfriend will prepare the kids of today for the day their best friend starts dating a girl, or the day their sister brings home her wife. It’s not necessarily just about representing each individual child, but rather showing that every consenting relationship is valid. Love is love.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go in search of more Elsa-and-her-girlfriend fanart  and cry tears of sheer joy, for this is the REAL gay agenda.

Just kidding, I’m seething at the stupidity of people who want kids to ‘figure it out for themselves’ and are asking for people to ‘respect’ the way they want to bring their children up. It’s fairly simple, you guys: if you don’t want to see a gay princess, don’t go to the fucking cinema. Wrap your kids in cotton wool. Don’t tell them about sexuality. Unplug the internet. Let it all be a big shock when they’re 18 and in college. Remember, you’re saving your children by keeping them in the dark and not letting them talk about themselves or learn about other people. Just make sure you have a REALLY large sum of money put by for private counselling when they’re older.





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