Metapost of posts that appear in other places (so meta)

Mental Illness:

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Mental Health Reform plea

‘Pretty girls don’t eat’ Eating Disorder Misconceptions

Watch your language! – using mental illness terminology correctly

A letter to former Minister for Health Leo Varadkar

Borderline Personality Disorder

Self-diagnosis no-nos

Feminism and consent:

Consent is sexy

Adam Johnson and our culture of victim blaming

Free bleeding?

The age of consent

dealing with Idiots of the Underworld (the internet and beyond):

We need to talk about gun laws

Permanently offended or just not assholes?

cyberbullies are adults too


Parker Cannon is a douchebag

Let’s get EMOtional


Interview with Rebecca Daly, director of Mammal

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Literature in Film)


Interviews (

Living with BPD

How the mental health budget cuts would further affect people with mental illnesses



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