Pretty Little Liars: Fast Episode Recap S7E2


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Hello again, Liars aficionados. S7E2 is upon us. Now with added A.D. speculations!


  • Mary Drake tries to convince post-torture, covered-in-blanket Hanna to speak to the police. Hanna obviously cannot do anything without consulting Spencer, insists on being brought there instead. As you do.
  • Mary Drake inexplicably agrees because but of course she’s not bringing a half naked tortured girl to the police.
  • Mary Drake informs her that she’s not Jessica (as per last episode) and Hanna is totally fine with this considering she’s spent this far into the car ride assuming a completely decayed corpse has been driving and speaking to her.
  • Something about secrets and people being secret people
  • Hanna goes back to Spence’s, refuses to go to the doctor or police to get checked out or answer any questions because clearly after all this time and all the As they’ve dealt with, not going to the police makes total sense. Caleb is the only one to try insist.
  • Gang confirm Mary Drake is legit and was a patient at Radley. Because we all know being in a psychiatric hospital in this show is fine and not at all an omen of murder or something sinister. And I’m definitely not bitter about it.
  • Gang admit they’re convinced Ali killed Charlotte and that’s why Hanna was spared. Guys, it’s episode two. THAT is why she’s alive.
  • Aria fields texts and calls from Liam who I don’t like but still think is better than Ezra as everyone has forgotten he preyed on a child to get info about her missing possibly dead friend.
  • Caleb and Hanna reignite a spark and Spencer cries even though they were never meant to be together because Haleb is canon.
  • Emily wants to check on Ali who might not be safe in the hospital that isn’t maximum security Radley. She is charged with taking care of ‘dollhouse look’ Hanna. It’s called PTSD, you guys. Just call it that.
  • Spencer pushes Caleb away with stony silences. Cause that’s a great alternative to broaching the subject of how much he cares for his ex, Spence.
  • Emily gets weird phonecall from Ali begging for help and screaming. Rather than bursting into action at the second ‘help me’, she sits there frozen. Can’t negotiate her way into Ali’s room the next morning to save her life (literally). Elliot clearly has a fake American accent, he talks like a combination of Chuck Bass and Edward Cullen and it’s painful. In his fake accent he tells her she’s not allowed in. Emily then decides it’s a fab idea to use Mary Drake to get them in. Oh, Emily.
  • Lucas is weird and wants to give Hanna a company . Does no one remember how weird Lucas was when rebuffed in previous seasons? Does no one remember when he was on Team A? 
  • Aria ends things with Liam and he jumps into jealous-of-Ezra mode. He is back on the book – you know, the book Aria and Ezra are ‘writing’ together in that super realistic, definitely not simplified or contrived manner at all. Liam destroys Ezra’s chapters by accusing him of being  a creep. It’s his one redeeming feature.
  • Hanna remembers how she met Jordan and tries to repot the ficus. Sadly the ficus has been ripped out and is being built into something else and she hands back her engagement ring. I’m rooting for Haleb. I’m rooting for Haleb! 
  • Elliot alleges he’s spoken to Ali’s brother Jason (remember him?) and refuses to let Mary Drake visit. Obviously.  Spence gets MD to spill the beans on Radley et cetera, alleges Jessica killed the baby that got her locked up. Emily and Spence undermine Elliot and get Mary Drake in anyway. Ali is heartbreakingly confused and thinks it’s her mother, Elliot kicks them out and Ali is distressed. Elliot threatens MD and because I’d forgotten they know each other it came as a surprise. 
  • Spencer finally talks to Caleb about Spaleb and Caleb past-tenses that shit. Yas, son.
  • Ali gets wheeled off into the bright white light by someone we can’t see.

and DONE.




Speculations are as follows: 

AD cannot be Emily, as she would’ve spilled the beans by now.

AD cannot be Aria, she’ too busy ‘writing a book.’

Mona has form, but it’s unlikely that it’s her either.

Hanna was kidnapped and is too bratty to have done it herself.

Spencer was in Radley and going by what this show tries to make people think about those with mental health difficulties, it’s probably Spencer. But not really, at all. She’s too intense to not have told anyone by now.

Caleb and Toby are suspects due to the heartbreak and stress the girls were put through but I think Caleb is too nice and Toby too stupid to carry it out on his own and together they’d have given up and drank beers.

Jason has been mentioned a few times, possibly so he can make a return?

AD seems to suggest it’s meant to be Ali, or that it’s either a Drake or a DiLaurentis. We’ve been led to assume that Elliot and Mary are in a relationship, but with all the allusions to ‘secret people’, who’s to say AD aren’t Elliot’s real initials and that he’s actually a Drake seeking revenge? Or better still, Charlotte’s real brother?

Charlotte may not be dead.

It could be Spencer’s sister Melissa.

It could be Aria’s dad as first suggested in 6B.


What about you? Want to play the speculation game? I find it helps to feel like you’re ahead of the curve by guessing and not letting the show win. We’re six complete seasons deep, people, it’s time to start winning!






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