Review Series: Silence Interrupted

I recently received a galley of Silence Interrupted by Sania Shaikh from Netgalley for honest review purposes. This is not sponsored content and no affiliate links have been provided. This review series is a new thing I’m trying out this month where I’m writing short(ish) reviews on more books, saving longer, more in-depth reviews for issues that really tickle me.


Silence Interrupted focuses on the senior year of four high school students – Troye, Arabella, Zaidan and Adelaide. Troye is haunted by his father’s drinking problem. Zaidan is struggling to keep Arabella happy as she buckles under the weight of her spiteful mother’s words. Adelaide just wants to keep everyone happy. The four friends discover what a year can bring when faced with all the pitfalls life can possibly throw at teens just trying to find their way out into the world.

I’ve spoken before about how much I adore the concept of YA written by actual young adults – Sania was 16 at the time of writing this book. At times I had to remind myself of this – the conversations between characters felt ostensibly authentic to the point that I was reminded that within the constraints of YA appealing to a wider audience, books often have teen characters speaking like adults, occasionally erasing the fun of having a conversation for the sake of communicating. In the context of craft, this is often advised against, but I felt that Sania was able to portray a certain type of relationship within Silence Interrupted  that was endearing.

At other times, I was left wanting more. Arabella had a number of issues that I feel as  a reader I was left hanging on, I felt I knew least about Zaidan at the end of the book and I wanted to learn more about Troye and his mother’s relationship, but overall Silence Interrupted had a good narrative and an engaging story arc.  Sania herself certainly seems like one to watch.


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