Wake up.

Take a breath. Slowly. That’s it. You’ve been breathing all night. Do it again. And again.

You’re alive. Congratulations. You’ve lived to see another day. Keep breathing.

Sit up. Take a sip of water. And another. That’s it. Keep breathing.

Yes, you’ve got work or school or that appointment you don’t want to attend. Doesn’t matter. Keep breathing. Sip more water. You’re alive. You’re here.

Stand up. Stretch. Keep breathing. Open the curtains. It might be nice out. You won’t know until you look.

Dress. Brush your hair.  Brush your teeth. Keep breathing. Slow and steady. You’ve got this. You breathe all the time. You can do it now.

Pack your bag. Don’t forget your keys. Keep breathing. Do you need to take medication? Take those now. Just keep breathing.

Look at that. You’re ready for another day. You did it. Just keep breathing.

You’ve got this.


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