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Not Courtney Love
Courtney From the Internet taken from instagram.com/notcourtneylove
Courtney from the Internet, otherwise known as Courtney Smyth, is a 23-year-old blogger, writer, feminist, psychology student and YA aficionado (though not necessarily in that order).

You might know me from Headstuff.org, where I contribute to the topical and music sections, and occasionally get involved in media campaigns on human rights issues.

I started blogging in 2014, and found the things I posted about tended to be erratic, but always had a running theme of sorts. It started with a okay, several rants about the infamous Grey book and from there expanded to posts on YA, other books,  music, pop culture, feminism and mental illness once I discovered they were all topics that make me happy to write about. I’ve come to accept that the content I cover is varied and non-exhaustive (there’s always room for more tabs on the drop-down menu). I’m a massive fan of YA and will always talk about the best of the best, and if you’re interested in 3,000 word analyses of Gilmore Girls characters, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve also documented some personal experiences with mental illness. As a psychology student I feel now more than ever we need to take steps to increase mental health literacy, taking a step away from basic awareness and really engaging people in understanding lived experiences of those with mental illnesses.

If I’m not talking about social issues or buried in a book, I can usually be found at a gig somewhere. Somewhere being the operative word, as I can’t give directions and usually don’t know where I am as a result.

In 2012, a guy mansplained Christopher Nolan to me after I brought him up and I’m still not over it.

For more great short anecdotes, check out my other social media channels:

Requests are encouraged, and I gladly accept review copies of books – message me for further information!

Contact/PR: courtneyfromtheinternet@gmail.com

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