La La Land Preview Screening at Cineworld Dublin

There’s something incredibly beautiful about the sort of 1950s-1960s glamour that is often only portrayed in musicals. From the iconic Pink Ladies of Grease, to the alluring charm of Hairspray’s Link Larkin, musicals capture the zeitgeist of clothing, culture and societal issues of the era in a way that informs and explores reality without addressing it head on.


A Monster Calls Special Advanced Screening at Lighthouse Cinema

‘There was once an invisible man, who had grown tired of being unseen.’

‘Silence’: Review

‘The lads do more mass than featured in the entirety of the three Father Ted seasons’….

Dear SQUAD Almighty! (it’s okay though: Harley saves the day)

Yesterday I was given tickets to see Suicide Squad by a lovely friend of mine. We’ve all seen that it got 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. We’ve all seen the reviews that ripped into Squad, declaring it a train wreck and so forth. That did not stop me going into the cinema with a shred of hopefulness. A shred of, ‘maybe it won’t be so bad.’

‘Elsa? Do you want a Disney girlfriend?’

Elsa don’t need no man to tell her how to love herself. She figures it out with the help of her family.

So why, then, are people hating on the idea of now-well-adjusted, self-accepting Elsa having a girlfriend?

Star Wars’ Rey is NOT a Mary Sue

It appears that, aside from the casual racism I’ve seen pertaining to the inclusion black actors in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (though to even have to be happy about this in 2015 is sad in its own right; it should just be a given inclusion), there are a lot of people who feel Rey is an unrealistic Mary Sue.