Sexual Assault, Suicide and Systems Failure: 13 Reasons Why is Not What it Seems

This was not the post I set out to write about this show. This was not the post I had imagined myself writing early on in the episodes, back when I thought 13 Reasons Why was a clever indictment of the flippancy with which young people say and do things. I thought it was a commentary on how, yeah, this stuff happens to people all the time – people get bullied. . People get hurt. – but that you’ve no way of knowing what will push a kid over the edge. You have no way of knowing how many buttons you’re pushing. I thought they were pulling no punches, asking the audience to decide for themselves how morally corrupt the entire setup was.


Young Adult YA Authors & Oasis

One of the most fascinating aspects of YA, both as a genre and a cultural phenomenon, is that often the sole target of YA is forgotten: young adults themselves. Teens and young adults are the entire justification of YA books in the first place – sometimes this is overlooked, as the market is flooded by books written by adults and read by adults.

Star Wars’ Rey is NOT a Mary Sue

It appears that, aside from the casual racism I’ve seen pertaining to the inclusion black actors in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (though to even have to be happy about this in 2015 is sad in its own right; it should just be a given inclusion), there are a lot of people who feel Rey is an unrealistic Mary Sue.

The Problematic Representation of Mental Illness in Pretty Little Liars: Part One

I started watching ABC’s Pretty Little Liars about a month ago, and reached the end of Season 6 a few hours ago. I wanted to wait and see how the story panned out before I wrote anything about it. There were several things that caught my attention about the way mental illness is portrayed throughout the seasons that I really wanted to discuss. I had initially intended to write just a one-off piece on the different elements in the storyline, but upon gathering all the things I wanted to say about it, I’ve discovered that not only is it not possible to fit them all into one essay, no one would read anything longer than what I’m about to write.