Sexual Assault, Suicide and Systems Failure: 13 Reasons Why is Not What it Seems

This was not the post I set out to write about this show. This was not the post I had imagined myself writing early on in the episodes, back when I thought 13 Reasons Why was a clever indictment of the flippancy with which young people say and do things. I thought it was a commentary on how, yeah, this stuff happens to people all the time – people get bullied. . People get hurt. – but that you’ve no way of knowing what will push a kid over the edge. You have no way of knowing how many buttons you’re pushing. I thought they were pulling no punches, asking the audience to decide for themselves how morally corrupt the entire setup was.


In defence of Rory Gilmore: The Gilmore Girls under the lens

The judgement laden on Rory Gilmore’s character is, perhaps, unfair. To say she does not deserve things she works for compared to Paris, is unfair. In fact, most of the criticisms I’ve seen pertaining to Rory have been unfair