Pointless Questions and a Rambling Plea

Hello friends, readers, curious minds – just a quick rambling note to say hello and ask a few things of you all. I’ve had pretty good feedback in the last while on some of the topics I’m written about. I am wondering, is there anything in particular that anyone would like to read about?


My Mental Illness Has A Sell-By Date.

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now. Maybe a few weeks. It’s been niggling at the back of my mind since I got out of hospital – when am I meant to be better? When am I expected to be well again?

Motivation Against The Odds & I Am Not Rubber, I Am Velcro

I had a little thought about motivation. Only a little one. But it inspired me enough to try make sense of it. Some of you may be aware that I have spent the last 5 weeks in St. Pats with a mental illness – something I may feel ready to discuss in detail, and in its entirety, with the world someday. I’ve spoken of elements of it before – depression and anxiety, and the onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder – but the whole story I may save for another day.

A Series of Exploratory Rants: VIII

A series of exploratory rants about Grey.

Intrepid Adventures in Blogging

Gird your loins

Prepare your noses

Why am I like this