2017: Sempiternal.

This has been a weird year

Nothing Tastes as Good

** There are some spoilers, but I’ve tried to keep it as spoiler-free as possible while still discussing the book as richly as possible.**   Nothing tastes as good as a book that is nothing short of a carefully crafted masterpiece. Claire Hennessy’s Nothing Tastes as Good is everything YA needs in terms of explaining eating…… Continue reading Nothing Tastes as Good

‘Elsa? Do you want a Disney girlfriend?’

Elsa don’t need no man to tell her how to love herself. She figures it out with the help of her family.

So why, then, are people hating on the idea of now-well-adjusted, self-accepting Elsa having a girlfriend?

A Quick Update and Some Awesome News

Why, you may ask? Why are you an over-used meme of a dog sitting at a table surrounded by flames? How could you possible justify the use of an over-used, ancient dog meme?

Where. Do. I. Start?!