Dear Holly: What’s a Girl Gotta Do?

It takes a good deal of courage to step outside the echo chamber. It takes courage to put pen to paper and painstakingly detail every single instance of what it’s like to be a woman in the Western world – something Angry White Men can’t understand, and will ridicule, because we’re women and don’t we know that other people have it so much worse? It takes immense strength to write something that is to go to print and be there, in the world, ready to be seen by those Angry White Men…


Lies we tell ourselves about ourselves.

We tell ourselves more lies than we’d care to admit. I had some thoughts on body image, positivity, and self esteem.

Troll in the dungeon! Thought you ought to…. rate their responses out of 10.

  An article on, written by the wonderful Patrick Kelleher, surfaced on Sunday where my struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder was available for the world to take stock of. He asked to interview me about it following this interview on the mental health budget cuts, and I agreed happily. In the past few months I…… Continue reading Troll in the dungeon! Thought you ought to…. rate their responses out of 10.

Metapost of posts that appear in other places (so meta) Mental Illness: Body Dysmorphic Disorder Mental Health Reform plea ‘Pretty girls don’t eat’ Eating Disorder Misconceptions Watch your language! – using mental illness terminology correctly A letter to former Minister for Health Leo Varadkar Borderline Personality Disorder Self-diagnosis no-nos Feminism and consent: Consent is sexy Adam Johnson and our culture of victim blaming Free…… Continue reading Metapost of posts that appear in other places (so meta)

The Manifesto to End all Manifestos

think the whole world is currently the teeniest bit in love with Holly Bourne right now. Not a day seems to pass without at least one person mentioning her books on my Twitter timeline. I wrote about Am I Normal Yet? and how that focused on OCD and feminism, and was generally just a bloody great read. As I eagerly anticipate my YouReview copy of How Hard Can Love Be? from Maximum Pop Books, I thought it was about time to write a bit about The Manifesto on How to Be Interesting…

Fall in Love With Yourself (on our terms, though)

Feminism is about equality. It is about women claiming their place in society, and essentially focuses on female empowerment, proving that we are worth more than just our faces. It is proving that we are capable, strong, valid

Pointless Questions and a Rambling Plea

Hello friends, readers, curious minds – just a quick rambling note to say hello and ask a few things of you all. I’ve had pretty good feedback in the last while on some of the topics I’m written about. I am wondering, is there anything in particular that anyone would like to read about?