Review: Tangleweed and Brine

What if there were no happy endings? What if Rapunzel’s mother carried her to fill a cavernous void left by her need for fulfillment? What if the owner of the gingerbread house longed for something more in life, and built a house so she could help fill the hearts of those who felt as she did? What if the kiss that would bring the frog prince back to his human form meant a death sentence to the kisser? What if sister Fair tried to keep Trembling hidden to protect her, and not out of jealousy?

What if? What if?


Book Review: Mistletoe and Murder

I grew up on a diet of Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Famous Five and the Secret Seven, moving then to the Alex Rider series, where a love for books about children who solve mysteries and crimes and kick ass fizzled out temporarily around the age I got to James Patterson and Robert Muchamore, moving on to Grisham and Patterson’s adult books about adults who solve mysteries and crimes and kick ass – more stories I’d devour day after day on holiday or curled up in bed after school. I don’t think there will ever come a time where I’m not utterly enchanted by mysteries, which is why I am very glad I began Robin Stevens’s A Murder Most Unladylike mysteries at the start of this year.

Nothing Tastes as Good

** There are some spoilers, but I’ve tried to keep it as spoiler-free as possible while still discussing the book as richly as possible.**   Nothing tastes as good as a book that is nothing short of a carefully crafted masterpiece. Claire Hennessy’s Nothing Tastes as Good is everything YA needs in terms of explaining eating…… Continue reading Nothing Tastes as Good

On Needlework and its significance

Last Thursday brought about the launch of Deirdre Sullivan’s Needlework, a novel constructed with such beauty, care and consideration that I spent a solid three hours reading it until I reached the final page. That beauty, care and consideration is a marked contrast to the anger, sadness and hopelessness that is thematically present throughout the novel

Deconstructing Only Ever Yours

I picked up Louise O’Neill’s Only Ever Yours from my TBR pile, long after I’d finished shedding tears over Asking For It. I vowed to never again read a book that I knew was thematically heavy without being in the right mindset for it. And so, I waited until a day when I was feeling good enough to sit down and begin it.