Review Series: My Friends are all Strange

I recently discovered the absolute wonder of Netgalley and was over the moon that something like this site existed. For those unfamiliar with it, Netgalley is a place where bloggers and book reviewers can request galleys of soon-to-be-published books directly from publishers. I, of course, made the ultimate rookie mistake and requested all of the books I could get my hands on, and still have about 10 on my dashboard waiting for me as I didn’t expect to actually be approved for any of them….


Deconstructing Only Ever Yours

I picked up Louise O’Neill’s Only Ever Yours from my TBR pile, long after I’d finished shedding tears over Asking For It. I vowed to never again read a book that I knew was thematically heavy without being in the right mindset for it. And so, I waited until a day when I was feeling good enough to sit down and begin it.

Why Holly Smale’s Geek Girl is the perfect YA introduction to feminism

Last week I had the privilege of reading Geek Girl, the first in the YA series by Holly Smale and couldn’t wait to contribute my two cents to talking about it. Just three days ago, I had the privilege of seeing Holly Smale herself on the DeptCon1 ‘Death to the Patriarchy!’ panel, discussing feminism alongside Louise O’ Neill (author of Asking For It and Only Ever Yours). On this panel, Holly and Louise laid out the facts on the power of patriarchal society – with Holly putting emphasis on how Geek Girl takes place in the midst of the modelling agency; a setting which is widely known to be male-driven.

A Series of Exploratory Rants: VIII

A series of exploratory rants about Grey.